About us

Claim Your Right to be Natural

At Herblore Botanicals, we are aware of the amount of legal pressure that kratom is under in the United States. We also strongly believe that it should be the people’s right to choose to be natural and live naturally. Therefore, we strive to deliver quality products to our customers in an efficient manner that reduces typical waste, as well as keep in line with the current kratom laws in the U.S. Everything we do here is in good faith. We stand by our view of the wonderful nature of all kratom strains and wish to share that view with the community at large. Through our distribution on this site, we hope to help popularize the understanding and adoption of this beautiful plant, so that one day, it can be recognized as a potential medicine for several different mental and physical pain points. Until then, we ask kindly that our customers do not ingest the kratom sold on our site. Thank you.

Our Story

Our founders are life long friends. When one of our founders discovered the benefits of kratom, he then shared it with our other founder. They both shared their support for the plant and experienced the benefits of kratom first-hand. After several months of gaining familiarity with the plant, our founders decided to team up and build an online store due to the kratom powder being priced too high at traditional brick-and-mortar smoke shops. They found that if they bought their inventory in bulk, they could then distribute to other kratom advocates, selling their kratom at almost half of the price they were getting it for before.